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Love to you! Checking in to say Hi, all is well here, just a-hummin’ along!Years ago, one of my brothers made me a cassette (ha! remember those…?) of music by the band ‘World Party’ and for some great reason one of their songs, the one that alw… Continue reading

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Season’s Change, The Rains Come…

‘If you observe outside right now’ my friend was saying, ‘ya, in fact everything is just humble and I sense that the plants are praying to the Creator for having rained them. Because if you observe outside there is not any plant shaking around, e… Continue reading

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In the recent blog posting titled ‘PROJECT’S UPDATE ~ Part 1’ I wrote…‘Second…There are either ‘partially +/or totally orphaned children’ who are currently living with either extended family such as a Grandmother in many cases +/or a gu… Continue reading

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