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Illusion ~ Reality

Yesterday I had a close encounter with a common, yet phenomenal occurrence (read ‘Illusion’) here, known as ‘mob justice’.Followed by a closer encounter with Love (read ‘Reality’)…Hundreds of frenzied people who seemed to appear out of no… Continue reading

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A Movie…And Some Popcorn!

Take a moment to pretend it’s a slow, gentle Sunday afternoon, you know, one of the grey rainy variety, and you just feel like staying indoors… work is done, it’s time for a rest, everyone is gathered around visiting and you think, hey let’s wa… Continue reading

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In Wonder Land…

Love to you!I have just returned from a few unexpected getaway’s… one to Kampala to confirm approval for an extension on the extension on my visa for Uganda (which now has me here until the 10th of May…!) then, on to a couple lovely days at Sipi … Continue reading

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