Mosquito Net Outreach March 2018

Mosquito Nets

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LITA’s Annual General Meeting ~ 9 September 2017

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A New Computer Room at School!

IMG_1421It was a  very happy and busy weekend here in Uganda! Visitation Day took place at two of the schools where LITA contributors are supporting 8 senior school students in boarding!

We traveled to the students over both days, shared a SKYPE call with a special donor in Canada and 4 of the students, gave/received lots of hugs, did some problem solving, encouraging, listening, and brought replenishment of items to last till end of term 1 such as clothes washing and bathing soap, tea, sugar, some treats like cookies, pens, books, etc!


IMG_1417AND… whooot whooot!! we set up the first 5 work stations of 25 planned, in a NEW computer room at one of the schools! With 5 donated PC’s from Canada that I brought over last trip, each capable of supporting 5 work stations, we added locally purchased monitors, keyboards, mouses/mice?!, all the cables required, and paid for the support of the tech to set it all up for around $1000!


Head Teacher, Sr Clare, is so grateful and our students are so excited! Thanks so much to contributors who have made this amazing empowerment possible! We can use a hand to add the remaining 20 stations.. would you like to help? $1000 will add another 5 work stations! Please visit here! Thanks so much <3


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You’re Invited! Valentine’s Day Non-Event!


Please Donate to our ‘Valentine’s Day Non-Event’ Here!

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LITA AGM 24 Sept 2016 Agenda



11:00 a.m. SATURDAY,
SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
2168 York Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6K 1C3
A. Call to order
B. Welcome
C. Acceptance of the Agenda
D. Approval of AGM Minutes – September 1, 2015
E. President’s Report
F. Treasurer’s Report
-­‐ Approval of Financial Statement 2015/2016
-­‐ Confirmation of preparer of Financial Statement for 2016/2017
G. Introduction of the 2016/2017 Executive Board
H. Other business
I. Adjournment
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