Bricks and Beds Project

Some ‘Bricks and Beds’ History – In 2013/14 LITA helped to complete dormitory style housing to accommodate 40 orphaned and vulnerable children at ACIO – Aids Concern Intergrated Organization – Canaan School, and 80 at CCDO – Community Child Development Orphanage – Favour Primary School, both villages located in Sironko District, in eastern Uganda.  Endless thanks to all who have made this possible! Below are a couple photo essay that describe/show the building process.

1) a) ACIO Housing Project – Part One 

     b) ACIO Housing Project – Part Two

     c) ACIO Housing Project – Part Three

2) a) CCDO Housing Project – Part One and Two

General Info about our Bricks and Beds’ Project – Our ‘Bricks and Beds’ Shelter Program was born out of need we saw to provide start-up support to local community initiatives seeking to provide full time care along with education opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children, particularly during the school year.

While healthy family and home based care for orphans and vulnerable children is agreed to be the optimum, some children, particularly those without extended family known or alive, or those who are not being provided with support for or access to education, health care and in some instances, ample food, do and will require full time care, particularly during the school year.

The 1st of 14 ‘decker beds’ arrives at a child care center for orphaned and vulnerable children that also has a 4 room school on site.

Ready to contribute to the development of self directed community projects for orphaned and vulnerable children that have a clear strategy towards their own sustainable self-sufficiency, LITA helps with support for the initial acquisition of improvements required by local organizations to provide for the basic needs of the children in their care.

A ring of beds ready to be carried into the existing mud/stick dorms at a ACIO Child Care Center in eastern Uganda where LITA helped the community build permanent brick dorms for the children in 2013.

Traditional buildings in eastern Uganda are often made of either mud and sticks with grass or iron sheets for roofing, or hand made bricks, either sun dried or fire baked.

Baked brick structures with iron sheet roofing are the most durable, lasting for years, and the safest and most secure to live in.  These are the type of dormitory style housing structures LITA provides support for the construction of.

Inside the boy’s mud walled dorm, LITA placed durable lino down on top of the dirt floor to protect the children and their new beds, until the time and circumstances were right to build their permanent dormitory… which was completed in 2013.

Locally made wooden ‘decker beds’, foam mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets, also purchased in trading centers and markets close to the project, see that the children are comfortable, warm, dry and safe, while the community and local economy are also supported. All very good.

Thanks very much for your interest in helping LITA provide support for orphaned and vulnerable children who require full time care during the school year, in community based projects. Click here to donate