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The education year of 2022 is full on! After two years of waiting, most of our students have returned to school! As always, we try our very best to make sure our returning students and others who have requested our help have all their requirements and school fees paid. And, as always, we need your help to make it all happen! Please, give generously and help bring lasting life empowerment to the orphaned and vulnerable children we are dedicated to serving. Thank you so much!



We wholeheartedly value and appreciate your kind support. Thank you.


2021: The theme of 2020 carried on, except to say that candidate classes (P7, S4, S6) returned to school and did their best to succeed in the final exams in Spring 2021. The rest of the 12 million learners just needed to ‘hurry up and wait’.

2020: Well, we all know what happened that year… and right at the start of the new school year here in UG.

2019: The arrival of 2019 saw our sights set on the new school year beginning in early February. Our fundraising goal of $122,000 was surpassed and we were able to support over 160 children to go to school. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

2018 Education News: For the school year that ran from February through November 2018, LITA contributors helped 92 Ugandan orphaned and vulnerable children with the fees, scholastic materials and requirements they needed to attend school. Having surpassed our goal to raise the number of LITA students from 42 to 70 in 2018, we realized an increase of 50 students over 2017.. and had a very happy, and busy year throughout 2018!!

A couple of Catherines, in front of the new 10 classroom primary school LITA completed in 2018!

Feb 2019 – Cath with two of our LITA students: Ben, on the left, who is studying for a diploma in ‘Social Work and Social Admin’ at University, and Joshua, who is about to enter A Level to study Physics, Chemistry and Math in the direction of a future degree in Civil Engineering <3

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In 2015, LITA introduced an innovative and exciting music project to orphaned children in Uganda. For more info and to donate visit:  LITA Music Project

With a mission to aid and inspire orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda through music, LITA Music Project gives the children the tools, materials and teaching to make and play a 3 stringed dulcimer.

Standing in front of their new school, completed Feb 2014, the children sing Thank You songs of Love.

Looking and feeling very wonderful in their new t-shirts from Marcon – one of the donors who made it possible – the children are standing in front of their new school, completed Feb 2014, singing Thank You songs of Love and Appreciation!

In February 2014, in addition to dormitory housing and two latrines for orphaned and vulnerable children that were built in 2013, LITA completed the building of an eight classroom, brick primary school with two offices, in collaboration with a local community based organization helping orphaned and vulnerable children in eastern Uganda.

Thank you to all who make these iniatives possible for the children.

More Info about LITA’s Education Program – LITA supports the education of orphaned and vulnerable children by helping provide access to school along with materials and requirements for school.

‘Access’ can include helping develop housing at a school site for orphaned and vulnerable children who require full time care during the year so they can live in the dorms during each term and attend school every day, returning to the care of extended family at holiday time.

‘Supplies’ can include items like: scribblers, pens, pencils, math sets, back packs.. as well as school fees, school lunch fees, extra study support, uniforms, desks, along with local curriculum text books for reference in a library setting for the children.

All materials, where possible, are purchased within the local community and assist the children, caregivers of orphaned children, and local community initiatives  in providing circumstances that encourage and support education.

Thanks for supporting our Education Program ~ Please Donate Here