Mosquito Nets

Sleeping under a treated net helps provide protection from the bite of the disease spreading malaria mosquito that flies at night under cover of darkness in tropical areas around the world, such as Uganda in East Africa. Mosquito nets are a proven, inexpensive and effective way to contribute to the empowerment and well being of an orphaned and vulnerable child.

One of the boys at a child care center LITA supports in Uganda peeks out from under his rectangular net that fits perfectly on his new “decker bed”.

Since 2007, Love Is The Answer has purchased and distributed over 1100 long lasting, treated mosquito nets for orphaned and vulnerable children. Where possible, we also provide education to the children and their caregivers about the proper use and care of a mosquito net.

$12 supports the purchase of 2 of the highest quality nets on the market from our local supplier in Uganda.

Thank you for your interest in mosquito nets for orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa. Click here to donate