Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

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Love Is The Answer – LITA – assists orphaned children and caregivers of orphaned children in Africa, in areas of poverty relief and the advancement of education. LITA also supports grass roots, local community initiatives of benefit to the children that are self directed and lead towards sustainable self-sufficiency.
As we all know, Mama Africa and all her people are so so much more than this one topic and concern. We invite you to visit this link to read more:
More About LITA: In 2007, the United Nations estimated 12 million orphaned children were living in Sub-Saharan Africa due to HIV/AIDS alone. An increase to 20 million by the year 2010 was predicted. Considering all other causes of parental death, including war, famine, and other diseases, it was further projected the number of orphaned children in Sub-Saharan Africa would exceed 50 million by 2010.
Said to have been written around 400BC by Lau Tzu, ‘Go’ is a philosophy that encouraged Catherine on her first journey with the children. It continues to inspire and inform LITA’s endeavors on behalf of orphaned children.

As of 2022, it is estimated that over 140M orphaned children are on earth, with 50M living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2007-08 Catherine Koch had help to create a website called Love Is The Answer – LITA – and with proceeds from the sale of her home, supported herself on a journey to Africa to meet and learn first hand from orphaned children. Arriving first in Uganda where there were an estimated 2.3M orphans, Catherine lived among the children for 9 months, learning ways to bring Love and empowerment to them, their caregivers and to the villages in which they live. To learn more about our early years please visit our archived pages about LITA’s beginnings.

Since her first journey, Catherine has remained focused on assisting orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa. On March 18, 2011 LITA was registered as a Charity in Canada – #84181 6002 RR0001 – and began formal operation as a non-profit, non-denominational, non-political charitable organization.
Presently, LITA has a Board of Directors of five in Canada, a local agent of the charity and a number of volunteers on the ground in Uganda, where all of our projects are in progress.
Board members visit with orphaned children living at at child care centre LITA has been supporting along the path to self-sustainability in eastern Uganda.

LITA Canada – Executive and Board Members:

Catherine KochFounder, President – With over 40 years of leadership in people and project management in the business and customer service sector, Cath sees life as an opportunity to share and serve. In Uganda several months each year, she oversees all aspects of LITA Programs and shares home with her amazing family of 8 orphaned senior school/college students advancing their education. (More about Cath: LITA’s Beginnings )

Nikki Wiebe – Vice President – Nikki is a wife and mother of 3 grown children. She has several years experience in retail, restaurant and club management, and was the co-owner/operator of a catering business. Nikki currently works with developmentally challenged adults. A life long friend with Catherine, Nikki is well versed in all things LITA and is the go-to person in Canada, particularly when Cath is in Uganda. aj

Terry Adler – Secretary – Terry is retired from over 45 years of work with individuals, families and communities as an adult educator and art therapist who continues to serve on multiple Boards, committed to transformative personal and social change.

Tim Koch – Treasurer – Tim is a husband to Sharon and father to Jennifer, Philip, and Katie June.  He is currently a Director of Biomedical Engineering at Providence Healthcare and has served the medical community in the lower mainland of Vancouver for nearly 40 years.  Brother to Catherine, Tim has joined the board of LITA to assist and advise in any capacity needed.
Nancy Herb – Board Member – Nancy Herb is proud to be part of the LITA board of directors team. She is a mother of two beautiful boys and a retired resource teacher for elementary students at Vancouver College. Nancy is passionate about music and performing and in her spare time she sings for the R&B band, Souled Out.  
You are most welcome to connect with us anytime: info@loveistheanswer.ca

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