Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future


Since 2007, Love Is The Answer contributors
have helped to provide:

~ thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children and their caregivers, as well as children growing up in child headed families, with a variety of support including: mosquito nets, emergency food, medical care and treatment, clothing, shelter, transport, beds & bedding, solar lighting, income generating activities including heifer, poultry & grow food projects;
~ scholastic materials & education support including school fees, boarding fees, tutoring, hot lunches & uniforms;
~ the long term protection and security of land ownership by orphaned children inherited from their late parents;
~ solar lamps to 130 caregivers of over 300 orphaned children, and a solar power charging station providing potential income generation to Aids Concern Integrated Organization – ACIO – in Mutufu, Uganda, in 2011;
~ the surveying and registration of land in the name of various community based organizations in Uganda, contributing to the long term stability of those organizations, and their facilities being accessed by orphaned and vulnerable children;
~ the building and furnishing of brick dormitory housing and two latrines w/bathing areas for 40 orphaned and vulnerable dsc00604children, at ACIO’s Canaan School in Mutufu, Uganda, in 2012;
~ the building of brick dormitory housing, suitable for 80 orphaned and vulnerable children, and two latrines w/bathing areas, at a community based project in Buyobo, Uganda, in 2013;
~ the creation and registration of Love Is The Answer Uganda, a local, indigenous, non-governmental organization in Uganda, in 2013, serving local orphaned and vulnerable children under the direction and funding from Love Is The Answer Canada. Registration renewal was completed in 2018 for the 2nd time since 2013, extending for 5 years to 2023;
~ the building of a brick, eight classroom primary school with two img_4245offices, for the same community based organization in Buyobo, in 2014;
~ an innovative music project that gives the children the tools, materials and teaching to make and play a 3 stringed dulcimer, introduced in 2015. Thirty dulcimers were made and are used for music lessons by a talented local teacher. With other local IMG_0317instruments Canaan primary school has advanced to have an orchestra, dancers and singers;
~ solar lighting at two village based school and housing projects serving orphaned and vulnerable children, in 2015;
~ the building and furnishing of brick dormitory housing, two latrines w/bathing areas, and a cooking/food storage facility, that will support 80 orphaned and vulnerable children to attend school full time at WILBRA Pre & Primary School, in Bududa, Uganda, in 2015/16;
~ the building of 4 brick classrooms and a latrine, as well as the refurbishment of the existing dormitory for 40 orphaned children, at ACIO’s Canaan School in Mutufu, Uganda, in 2016;
~ the building of WILBRA Pre & Primary school in Bududa in 2017/18, a ten classroom structure that compliments the dormitory housing for 80 orphaned and vulnerable children previously built and furnished in 2015/16;
~ for WILBRA Pre & Primary School, completed 2017/18 (seen here in the background) to receive approval as a ‘Primary Leaving Exam’ (PLE) facility where the final government exams for primary school can be written by students from throughout the district;
~ for the expansion of the The Music Project to two schools in 2018: ACIO Canaan Primary School, and WILBRA Pre & Primary School. All nine compulsory areas of the MDD (Music, Dance and Drama) Primary School syllabus are being taught, including categories such as: a traditional dance, a poem, an original instrumental, a choral selection, sight singing, etc;
~ for WILBRA Pre & Primary School to be approved for MDD competitions that take place yearly in the district and region. WILBRA entered into the competition for the first time in 2nd term 2018, advancing to the second level where they came third;
~ LITA’s students being supported to attend school to grow from our two child families met in 2007, to our first three formal senior school students who advanced in 2012, to ninety-three students being supported with education in 2018! Our youngest student in 2018, Enid, who was orphaned in 2017, is in ‘baby class’, the first of 3 years of preschool. (Baby, Middle, Top); Our oldest students are in Uni!
~ At our 2018 AGM, a talented group of students were brought together to form our LITA Orchestra from four primary schools where LITA students are attending classes! The students performed 5 numbers for the guests in attendance in both Canada and Uganda including a ‘Welcoming Song’, an original song: “Education is LIFE”, a poem titled ‘Malaria’, a Traditional Instrumental, and a Closing Song!
~ February 2019 saw 155 students enrolled into first term of the new school year, a number that grew and peaked at 170, our highest number of students being supported yet! Ranging from Pre-School to University, with as near a gender balance as individual needs/circumstances allow, students are being supported w/school fees, scholastic materials and requirements, transport, boarding, room/board, food/emergency health care.
~ At the start of the new decade, 2020 found us with our primary focus on education in full swing, and as of February we were busy putting our close to 170+ students back to school. With a few new children added, including our little peanut seen here who is entering ‘Baby Class’ in preschool, we have Primary, O Level and A Level Secondary, Certificate, Diploma and Degree students this year!
Love Is The Answer honours and appreciates all who have joined hearts and hands with us over the years to make possible these accomplishments for orphaned and vulnerable children. Thank You.

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