Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

“Ancient Cultures” Sand Sculpture ~ Aug 2012


This past BC Day August long weekend, LITA was invited by world renowned master artist and sculptor Craig Mutch to join in alongside his incredible sand art creation titled “Ancient Cultures”.

Craig and Delayne Corbett, Craig’s co-sculptor,  began with several loads of sand dropped on the promenade at White Rock Beach on Monday, July 30th, and day by day, over one week, turned it into a brilliant homage in memory of cultures who have come before.. the Egyptians, Asians, Mayans, Greeks, Celts, Polynesians, etc, with iconic images and symbols including a Chinese dragon, an African mask, an Easter Island moai, Stonehenge…..

With our dear Craig.. all heart, exceptional creativity and talent in one!

In the midpoint of the art piece, our majestic earth, held up and cupped gently, protectively in two very strong hands, with the continent of Africa facing out as its heart center. This part of the sculpture in Craig’s words representing “our charity with Catherine Koch and Love Is The Answer”.. a powerful and most beautiful tribute to the orphaned children we serve.

A very exciting experience to participate in, we set up a LITA table off to the side and while watching Craig and Delayne work their magic we chatted about orphaned children in Africa with hundreds of passers-by, offering “Voices of Hope” books and “LoveIsTheAnswer.ca” bracelets for donations. People were very kind and generous.

Our little table was beautifully bookmarked by our Loving, compassionate friend Marji Graham , a globally acclaimed intuitive tarot reader and life coach, and her sweet daughter Nikita Graham who, as one of her many remarkable talents, adds delightful sparkle to the hair of the adventurous!

Both Marji and Niki kindly gifted to LITA’s children a donation from every “reading” and “blinging” over the weekend, helping to make possible, along with all the donors who happened by, the purchase of 2 heifers for our “Heifers for Caregivers” project! Wonder full!

I would like to thank Marji, Nikita and friends, as well as Katie and Sharon, who stood in for me on Saturday as I whipped off to attend a very special family wedding (..where our African children were also remembered! That’ll be my next posting “Jordan and Jessie”, soon.. ) along with all our friends, new and forever, who joined us this past weekend.

With Marji, Craig and Nikita, beautiful friends joined as One Love for the children.

It was an amazing and very uplifting experience and as I said to many throughout the days we were all together, I am quite sure our beloved orphaned  children in Africa were waking, laughing, sleeping and dreaming on the wings of the Angels to be feeling such Love rippling around the world to them. Deep and heartfelt thanks, everyone.

And to our very special and dear friend, Craig, we honor such a beautiful heart as yours that holds the compassionate and reverent intention expressed through your sculpture.

All of us at Love Is The Answer thank you for the invitation to join you, and we’d like to express gratitude on behalf of the orphaned children we are Loving in Africa for cradling them, and all of life here on earth, so beautifully in the hands of Love. We all appreciate deeply your Lovingkindness, and celebrate your incredible artistic and intuitive mastery.

This afternoon, just some few days later, as

beautiful impermanence goes the sculpture is but forever captured in photographs and precious memories in our hearts.. the grains of sand then molded together and meticulously sculpted to bring forth such an expression of life, now once again are to be found playing on the seashore.

Blessings in Love,

Looking across the water to our little ones in Africa xoxo

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