Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.




Recently, I had the great pleasure to visit an elementary school in Vancouver to introduce the children here to the children at ACIO in Uganda! What a fun time we had! We watched a dvd I made for the children, asked and answered questions the children had about what they had seen and then made Angels together for each of the children to take home as a keepsake.

It was kind of a big day for me personally, my first formal experience at being a conduit through which children from such different and almost  ‘opposing’ circumstances could meet, spend time and LOVE with one another. 

There was this element of ‘AT LAST’ to the whole day (that has continued on since that day) on many, many levels. A powerful experience for me and setting the tone for the entire day was this…

It was early morning, I was getting off the bus a couple blocks from the school. Half buried under fallen leaves along the edge of the sidewalk a piece of sheet music immediately caught my eye. My Mom, a piano teacher for 57 years, had spent many years teaching music at the school I was on my way to. I bent to pick up the weathered music… I could feel Mom present from Spirit as I looked at the title…. ‘AT LAST’ ( sung by Etta James in 1961, written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren in 1941). My eyes filled with tears, to feel Mom so close, and to feel the incredible spirals of truth contained within ‘AT LAST’  in terms of bringing the children together with one another, etc… all together very moving and I am grateful indeed.

Everything felt like it shifted a notch right then, and since then, as if possibilities expanded and I was given a greater glimpse of how all is in such perfect and Divine order. And now I find I hum this song with orphaned children in my heart and envision heaven for us all, right here, right now, if you will…

‘At last my love has come along

My lonely days are over and life is like a song

At last the skies above are blue

My heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you

I found a dream that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

I found a thrill to press my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

You smile and then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven for you are mine at last’

With Love, Cath

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