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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Dear WineFreda


Dear WineFreda,

As I visited in the boy’s dorm at ACIO Child Care Center the other day, there was a moment when your son went purposely to his bunk bed and returned with great pride in his step, only to hand to me a photograph of you. A fading black and white photo, passport size, once bent in half, a little bit dirty and crumpled.. your name, penned by him, on the back.

As I gazed at you, your beautiful clarity spoke to me.. the strength, confidence and compassion in your gaze; the honor, depth and accomplishment in your knowingness; the joy, wisdom and Love on your lips, in your heart.

I looked into your son’s eyes.. I thanked him for sharing his treasure with me and told him how very special it was to see you, how I could see you in him. He smiled sweetly.

After some time, I reached to hand your photo back to him. He said, “No, no, it is for you.” “Are you sure Sweetheart, perhaps you have so few pictures from when your Mama was here with you?” “I want you to have it Mummy Catherine, please.” he said.

I Love your son, WineFreda. He is a very wonderful and special boy. He is humble, and smart, he is kind and appreciative, he is helpful and fair, a strong and very positive leader to the other orphaned children around him. When he is called he always answers with an enthusiastic “Yes, please.” He is top of his class at school. He likes to laugh and joke, sing and write songs. One day, months ago, when I told him I needed some strength, he sang to me, “I wanna tell you be strong, be strong, be stronger than the rock. When the troubles increase be strong, be stronger than the rock.” He is a rock, a very solid rock. He has dreams and goals, is patient, responsible, rich in integrity, full of light, and, he believes in himself.

As I look upon your picture, now beside the candle in the heart holder on my bedside table, my eyes fill with some very warm tears, as it is beyond an honor be here with your son, to join with others to Love him toward all that he is, toward all he has come here to be and share.

Please guide us always, as you Bless and watch over him, and his younger brother, all the days and nights..


With deep respect and Love, on behalf of all of us at Love Is The Answer and our beautiful family of friends,


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