Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!


Thanks kindly for the lovely birthday wishes from home! Imagine my delight to even receive a hand drawn cake and candles scanned across the miles from one of my darling nieces….Everyone’s Love now and throughout this entire journey is so VERY, VERY appreciated!

When I was in Jinja visitng the River Nile some months back, I happened upon these lovely Angels made out of dried banana tree fiber in a little ‘lock up’ on the main road of town. I took one of the Angels that I bought there out to Betty’s recently and asked the children if they could try to make some for me using material from the little plantation that is on the edge of their compound…

This past week on the day before my birthday, which the children did not know about… (I have learned, these children and many others I have met, adults too, may know the year and perhaps the day of the week, but seldom the number and only sometimes the month they were born, let alone have any experience or understanding about what a ‘birthday’ is)… so, I was visiting with them all and after walking the great field of gnuts they have recently planted and checking out the beans and then the maize (much of which ‘oops’ has been enjoyed in its infancy by the free range chickens in the area… they will plant more and try again…!) I was asked to sit in the hut where the children presented me with 65 Beautiful Angels, some made by each member of the family… what a gift heh…! Thank you children and Thank You Angels for showing your ever presence in the most amazing and timely ways..!

I enjoyed my 51st and the few days that followed at beautiful Sipi, a place I have become quite convinced must be one of THE most exquisite and healing on this earth, relaxing and receiving strength to ‘push’ me as I prepare to take my leave from Uganda by next week. (I am being reminded often right now… remaining 110% in Gratitude is the only way I can leave here, in PEACE, JOY and LOVE that is…

As I write, the wind up is in full swing… I was invited to Vincent’s (ACIO) for a very wonderful afternoon with his family and the founding members of the CBO… we shared a delicious meal of posho, matoke, beef, rice and greens and discussed many great and uplifting topics including our collective intention to remain together in Heart and Trust knowing more will be revealed at the perfect time as to how to proceed with the Child Care Center(s!) we all envision… and So It Is!

I’m busy making and organizing little Thank You’s for people here in Mbale including the lovely family at the compound where I have been staying, friends at the NGO, nearby resort, internet shop, my favorite Indian restaurant, etc… visiting here and there seeing people who have become such a huge part of this journey and my life these months… like the merchants whose stands and stores I’ve shopped at many times because of the fair ‘non muzungu’ price they have given me on everything from fabric, sewing machines, foamies, blankets, maize, beans, rice, backpacks, school shoes and supplies, used clothes, to even lollipops, etc…

I have a couple more visits planned over these next few days with both child families, and at this point it’s very true to say… we’re all (at times, MOST bravely…) doing our BEST ‘Grateful’ possible and no doubt are intending to remain in same as this time happens! And So It Is, too!

I’ll write again with plans once I’ve made it to Kampala where I will hop on a public taxi and head out to Mukono ( more bravery… remember that 7 hour traffic jam I was in when I first arrived..!) to have a visit with and drop off a photo album of pictures I have prepared for the very first warm and welcoming, beautiful, kind and Loving family I met and stayed with here, wow, all the way back in September… ahhhh… did it just get misty out or maybe I should say, in… 

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!
Cath xoxo

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