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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Illusion ~ Reality


Yesterday I had a close encounter with a common, yet phenomenal occurrence (read ‘Illusion’) here, known as ‘mob justice’.

Followed by a closer encounter with Love (read ‘Reality’)…

Hundreds of frenzied people who seemed to appear out of nowhere were rushing along the street just outside the building where I was. In the aftermath of a murder committed some days ago, the people outside thought they had the ‘guilty’ (who were attempting to reach the nearby police station for protection) and were busy

trying to kill them. The police appeared and fired two shots into the air, I remember seeing the smoke from their guns filter past the doorway where I stood, and then took the one accused man who was still alive into the station… the hundreds of people remained on the 4 corners of the intersection, waiting…

When it felt right to do so, I hopped on a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) and made my way to a distant and safe place. While sitting there, breathing and releasing the energy of the experience, I decided to write one of my brothers to ‘debrief’ as it were… and as it happened he was at his computer half way around the world and sent a message of Love back to me immediately… amazing really… I wrote him another reply and at the end of it I was saying how I celebrate that

‘basic order exists here as much as it does… acts of kindness and compassion are so very special and heh, look, there in the sky just now as the sun is getting ready to set… a beautiful rainbow…’ and signed off.

Then the most remarkable thing happened… from out of nowhere hundreds and hundreds of dragonflies filled the air above and around me and the rainbow became their backdrop from my perspective… everything slowed and I knew I was in a Miracle. I remembered a lesson from First Nations People: ‘Dragonfly is the totem of illusion. Dragonfly teaches us how to differentiate between the real and the imaginary energies of life….’

And I’m most certain, in this magnificent display of ‘Light and Love’ there, soaring peacefully in the illumination of the rainbow was at least one dragonfly for every human who seemed to have been displaying the absence of ‘both’ only minutes earlier…
Oh, Creator…

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