Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

It’s ALL Good!


I’m back on Canadian terra firma, wow, in the land of whew, remarkably high speed internet, consistent hot water that comes out of taps when I shower and imagine, a washing machine for the clothes I’ve hand washed and likely never quite rinsed all the soap out of these past 9 months… feeling quite well and certainly happy to be in the Loving presence and warmth of family and friends.Isn’t it amazing and such a fun life thing how it can feel on some levels like we’ve never been away when we return to familiar people and places… I really enjoy the very magical quality that time takes on when we reconnect with those we know and Love… for me, one of the most simple and fantastic

expressions of ‘Love Is All There Is’ around! When I close my eyes though I see compounds and the children and green and orange and brown and I suspect quite strongly that some of me is still somewhere not quite ‘here’!

To my eye, the mountains looked so ‘young’ and jagged and black as we approached Vanc International, everything about their appearance kind of stark and after countless flights over them since the 70’s it was the first time I can remember seeing/feeling them that way. Just before the plane touched the earth (perhaps you know that moment before landing when everything just seems to take a breath or freeze and then there’s a slight feeling of pulling up) I flashed right back to the similar moment last September following take off and I could remember the feelings I was having in that blank space as I headed out into the great African unknown that lay ahead of me. And right then, these nine months later, right before touching the runway, a spiral appeared

in my mind’s eye and I could ‘see’ it spin, loop, twist round… and continue… ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’ I thought, and now I am in Vancouver! And instantly I had a newly informed perspective about the ‘full circle’ we all know… I could see how if we envision from a slightly different angle we can see the spiral in ‘4D’ emerge beyond the ‘3D full circles’ of life, and that was kind of cool…! Kind of like the wheel on the bus is a circle, but the energy trail it spins round and round is a spiral, a continuum and connects everything to everything in oneness …

The last thing I really took note of before leaving African soil was this giant sized poster filling an entire wall of the walkway from gate 37 at Joburg Airport on the way to the 747 that was going to take me to London… a beautiful warm coral orange African sunset, elephants silhouetted, trees… with the words “This doesn’t have to be your last taste of Africa’ written across the bottom (which I think was intended to urge me to buy some kind of booze duty free..!) And the thoughts that seemed to be around me about leaving only moments earlier flew off as if on a gentle breeze and it all felt perfect and quite natural to be heading up and into the blue for awhile!

I have noticed the very sweet and enchanting sound of robins singing, the soft light of the flowers and even the grass here and prompted by one of my brothers I’ve realized, yes, I seem to want to ‘go camping’ for a time now.

I’ve also realized that for now, I’m going to continue to write here for awhile… In conversation I’ve had since returning it is apparent there is much I am inspired to note, share and this blog being as good a place as any to carry on writing about my journey continues to be a fantastic vehicle of expression for me.

For every story I have tired to share with you over the months in Africa, there are of course many I have not. At times still being

somewhat ‘personally’ involved in ‘my’ journey, things that happened impressed themselves upon me in ways I needed to sit with for a time, and it would have been sort of impossible to note them here as immediately as other times or experiences…. And then were the times when after writing about experiences, I’d set about to publish them to the blog and something I had written would just disappear! Over time I came to understand the instances this happened I could take comfort knowing the Angels were helping me to share only that which would help to inform you in a Loving and uplifting way. ‘Love Being The Answer’ and all, it felt like it is part of the ‘contract’ of publishing under that name or something

I’m looking forward to see what wants to be shared now that I can gain some kind of space between what has been and what is currently… It’ll be fun to review the over 3,500 photos I’ve taken and see what is prompted…

To sum up this chapter… I guess if there is one person, one story that most represents for me the energy of this entire recent African part of my life journey… it would be Morning, wouldn’t it…

His incredible and most noteworthy shift from fear to Love, the soulful expression mirrored in his eyes from deep pain to soaring joy! He is the boy who shared the most outward and obvious reflection, I think, of just how

‘Love Is The Answer For Us All’… and that makes such total sense doesn’t it?
After all, following darkness, the fresh day dawns, the sun rises and shines Love and Light on the unlimited possibilities found everywhere in the splendor and beauty of the new Morning…

Thanks so much for journeying with me…

Blessings and Love Love Love

Ps…I have heard most recently from a friend in Uganda who tells me the children are all happy and continuing on very well these days… Amen!

Which leads me to say… if there is someone, something that I’ve touched on here over these months that you personally connected with and may have question or wonder about please let me know so that I can share with you what I do know at this moment or what I learned from the experience, or whatever, including photos etc… xoxo C

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