Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

It’s Cash!


Continuing on with my day visiting the children at Vancouver College elementary school, it was soon lunch time. Hallways emptied, I found all the children in the cafeteria chatting and munching away! As I entered, a couple little voices called out to me “How are the children in Uganda?” “Is it really night time there right now?”… I stopped at a table of very little ones, I wasn’t sure which grade. Sitting at the end of the bench closest to where I stood I couldn’t help but notice this little darling angelic face looking up at me with a gentle smile on his lips. I smiled back and touched his cheek with my hand.

A short while later I was being welcomed into the Grade 1 classroom. One of the children’s favorite teachers, my very special friend Nancy, took my hand and said “First, before you sit with the class I want to introduce you to a little boy who has a surprise for you and the children in Uganda!” To my delight, the little boy from the cafeteria, the one with whom I’d shared a special moment not half an hour before, stood in front of me and held out an envelope. He explained… it had been his 7th birthday, he wanted to share it with the children at the child care center, he had collected $100 for them! I knelt on the ground in front of him so I could be eye level with him. I touched his heart, told him how thoughtful and kind he is, how grateful the children are, how they are Loving him and appreciating his Love! I told him $100 is a lot of money and it will be used to help purchase school books for the little library we are buildling for the children. He just smiled, nodded and added… “Yes, AND it’s cash!”

Joy, Love and Gatitude to all!


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