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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Jordan and Jessie’s Angels


When I returned to Vancouver from my first journey to Africa in 2008, I brought back several dozen “Angels” that orphaned children in one of our child families made for me. Created from banana fiber, the Angels were simple beautiful Blessings, and a very special African keepsake from the children that I gave to my family of friends upon my return.

To one family I have known since I was 13 years old, I gifted three generations with the children’s Angels. As both of my parents passed in 2000, since returning from that first African journey, Nikki’s (LITA’s VP) family and parents, have kindly acted as surrogates of sorts, and generously opened their home to me just as if it were my own “family of origin” home these past few years.

Jordan and Jessie’s Angels.. may they always watch over and guide the happy couple with the Light of Love.
With my adopted Dad, Fred, attaching cards to all 140 Angels for Jordan and Jessie’s wedding.

As I prepared to leave for Uganda last November, Jordan and Jessie, Nikki’s eldest son and soon to be daughter-in-law, asked if I could possibly arrange for the children to make more Angels so they could gift them as wedding favors at their upcoming marriage. They told me the Angel I had given them in ’08 still hangs above their door and they always look to it as a representation of Love when they pass under.

The children at ACIO Child Care Center in Uganda were very excited and happy to receive the order! Margaret, a mother of ten who volunteers at the center for orphaned children, amended the original Angel design by the child family to a slightly less complicated one so that more children could participate in their making, and, they could easily complete the order of 140 in the time frame they had. When I returned to Canada, along came the Angels with me, infused with lots of Love and Joy for Jordan and Jessie, wrapped and packed very carefully in my suitcase.

After their beautiful afternoon wedding ceremony overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean on August 4th – Jordan and Jessie’s very special day – there was a precious and tender moment early on at the reception when Jordan’s Uncle Kevin told the story about the Angels to everyone gathered. He talked of the orphaned children who made them, how we at LITA are Loving the children and working to improve their daily and future lives, how Jordan and Jessie made a donation to the children in gratitude for their beautiful hand made Angels, and how everyone was invited to take one home and remember always the Love and Joy they represent.

Such magic.. the children were suddenly very present with us all. Looking around, there were some of us who had tears in our eyes to feel the little ones

Elise, so beautiful with her precious little Angel from orphaned children in Uganda

transcending time and space to be right there, sharing in the delightful day. At one point a little while later, I looked to see Kevin’s beautiful daughter, Elise, walking towards me, her Angel hanging around her neck.. for safe keeping she told me, she wouldn’t want to lose something so special!

~ Blessings in Love Jordan and Jessie ~
(Beautiful photo taken by Jordan’s Auntie Val)

Precious, precious, precious Blessings all around.

Thank you, dear Jordan and Jessie, for bringing along all the children to share in your very special day.

Blessings in Love to you both for endless Peace, Joy, Abundance and Love in your marriage.

With Love, Cath

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