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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Kud Mbelawa A Hada A Hwad


It’s such a different journey here for me this time, on many levels.

One consideration is the deep responsibility I feel in all directions.

As my previously scheduled departure date of Feb 7th inches closer and I’m in the middle of much and have more to accomplish, I’ve been weighing all the present circumstances looking for a clear understanding of what is in the best interest of the children, and LITA, and our donors, and everyone, for me to do.

And there it came, the other day, in a soft and tender moment with one of our children.

He’s the primary player in a land situation that I’m working on..

(Are you on facebook? LITA does have a fb page called “Love Is The Answer – Catherine Koch” and I am posting pictures and little happenings there just about every day, including some recent ones that explain a little about this land issue we’re working on..)

.. it’s a circumstance where the remaining younger members of a child family who were still living at the compound on land that was left them by their parents, have been run off by some extended family members during the past year, ( huts burned, possessions lost, crops cut down.. ) and I am in the middle of a process with clan members, elders, neighbours, government officials, and the children, of understanding what has happened, righting a few things that we can, working to legally survey and register the land in the children’s names.. these kinds of things seem to take time.. everywhere I guess, and definitely, here.

So I had been pondering what is right for me to do regarding my date to leave Uganda, asking for guidance, when I found myself in this very special conversation with the oldest boy in the family, the one that the land decisions and all matters of family fall to now.  As he spoke with me about his fears from before, his concerns today, and his hopes because of the support he now has over the land, he paused, carefully, and said “It is my brothers, I need to solve this problem so I can bring them with me, so we can all be together again. ( They, 14 and 12, are safe and well cared for, but apart from each other and him, currently staying at two different Auntie’s since being run off.. )

It came to me to ask about his mother, Jennifer, if he remembered her, what he thought she might say in this moment.. he looked at me deeply, misty tears immediately flooded his eyes and he said very softly in his beautiful African English “I dreamed of her 3 times now. She was in white. She called my name and said “Do not be afraid.” She told me “Do not forget about your little brothers, do not leave them behind. God will help you, do not be afraid.””

And he wept where he sat.. and he wiped every tear away with his thumbs.. and I held him to me.

I thought of my own Mother and how I, and others, have seen her in white in dreams, and heard her messages since she parted from this life..

And then I remembered this Cameroon saying I once read and tucked into a file of quotes..

Kud Mbelawa A Hada A Hwad – The Tears Of The Orphan Run Inside

It was sometime later as I bounced along on my way back to Mbale that I realized, almost outloud.. I am exactly where I’m meant to be. I was guided to these children 5 years ago when they were hungry, and alone, and much younger, and out of school.. and I’m back with them right now in good time to help when they need it again.. these children need me to be with them now and, my prayers answered, that’s exactly where I am.

So to that end, I told my Beloved boy the next day that I promise, I will see this through with him, and we will continue until we find the way to bring his brothers to be with him in safety. I’m heading to Kampala after he, and I, and his brothers, and all the other people who have stepped forward to help the children, meet at their land again this Thursday.. and then I’ll see to extending my visa for another 3 months, and connect with the airlines to check about what can be done with my flight.

It makes good sense from an ACIO perspective too, that I move my return date to later.. I’m working on an update about all that right now too.. will hope to post for you here soon.

Blessings in Love,

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