Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Message from Vincent ~ July 10, 2010


( these photos sent from Uganda relate to the “heifer project” mentioned in Vincent’s email below… in preparation for the initiation of the “Heifer Milking Cow Project” we are organizing that will assist guardians who house and care for orphans in their homes, ACIO members have planted and are harvesting/storing special grass that the heifer milking cows will be fed on … and, are working on building pens, according to Ugandan Government recommendations, for their heifer’s to be housed in… Also, FYI – 100,000 Ugandan shillings = approx $50CDN… and 2.5 million Ug shillings = approx $1250 CDN )

“Hi Catherine,

It was wonderful when we heard your voice last week and boys were still asleep but when they heard your voice they jumped off their beds excited. That day was a happy day and every one was happy and excited.

Thank you very, very much for the last money gram. It has really helped us because we were in the financial crisis; getting food for the children was a problem. It also helped me to cover some medical bills on children treatment and bought school supplies for children.

Boy and Girls Dorms.

I am consulting another builder to make for me accurate measurements in simple terms for clear understanding.We propose to begin with 60 children to live at the center as we had earlier planned.We propose each dorm to have 20 bunk beds (double deeckers).As we keep on improving the centre and creating the sources of income the number of children at the centre will increase. Because I see a number of vulnerable children around who need greater attention.When we begin building we shall start with reasonable size of dorms for boys and girls. But leave a provisional space for future expansion as the center grows.It is true girls latrines should be near their dorms for security purpose.

Land measurements.

The measurement of project land of the new site is as below:- the width is 100ft and the length 270 ft.The costs of latrines are not among the bills of quantities sent. I hope we shall make permanent latrines because the ground here is strong and we can dig up to 30 feet deep because there is no water.Even bathing areas can be of bricks because it can last long.Yes if we keep the design of buildings in simple way which fits the rural setting the costs will cut down. Because we want to build a centre which can provide services to the children but has clean environment so I believe we can use a little fund to achieve a big thing.The prints I sent were too small so now I am asking the builder to make a lay out of each building to make the bills of quantities of materials in simple understanding language. So we can build more buildings once we minimize the costs.I hope our work will be in series as you have mentioned in the last email. Boys and girls dorms first including latrines. Followed by the Kitchen / dinning etc. what you mentioned are good plans of building houses at intervals this can enable us to begin with any little funds available and keep on adding.

Heifer project.

Members are continuing organizing themselves in this project so far many have planted grass and built heifer houses. Attached are some photos of members.On Monday we shall have a meeting and discuss more on stake holder’s contribution. They are raising 100,000/= per each group of 5 members.Heifer will be purchased from Bulaago Animal farm which has cross breed animals which are resistant to tropical climate. I am planning to visit the farm so that we can establish the proper price.Some groups have already contributed shs 235,000/= for heifer project.

Motor cycle.

The motor cycle has done great job on providing transport. It has really helped me because I have so many things I attend too daily and the motorcycle simplifies everything because transport costs are reduced.Except now it is become older and weak in climbing hills. Repairing is becoming costly. But in future when we get some funds we shall purchase a new one because it is now at 2.5 million Ug shs then we dispose the old one.

Otherwise life has been simple.

God bless you so much.

Peace and love to you,

Vincent. ”

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