Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Newsletter Update ~ Spring 2012


Welcoming Spring ~ Autumn 2012
along with our 1st anniversary as a registered charity

Joy, Gratitude and Love

Cherry trees are blossoming in Vancouver,
harvest is happening down under,

and the “long rains” have begun close to the equator
for our little darlings in Uganda!
(.. three pictured here, transporting new warm blankets for all the children at the center in Mufutu )

Hi everyone ~ I’m back in Canada after spending Nov thru Feb in Uganda. It was a fruitful, busy trip, so beautiful to share Love with the children. As it happened, the timing was amazing. It was wonderful to be there on many levels, and challenging too!

I’m grateful to be back up to date on some details that were at times strenuous or impossible to maintain a clear understanding about throughout these few years I have

continued to work for the children from here in Vancouver (.. there’s lots of info in postings I made on the website Blog during my recent journey, if you’d like more details).

You may recall from our last newsletter: we received the approval from CRA to go ahead with building the brick Child Care Center we have been planning in Sironko. Once the situation on the ground was thoroughly assessed, we at LITA decided it was more prudent to hold off, for a little while longer, while the small org we are working with revamps their Constitution and completes a legal survey and registration of the land we hope to help them build on

We do have in hand a great design, and a reasonable estimate from a reputable and experienced local engineer/builder.. and thanks to many of you, funds for the project have been collected and are set aside for building, perhaps within these next months.

In the mean while, our immediate focus shifted to the existing sleeping conditions for the children in care, and what we could do to improve them right now. That meant finding

the best way to get the children up off the cold, damp dirt floor where they were huddling together in the mud/stick buildings to sleep each night, before the big rains began.

To this end, I’m happy and grateful to share: LITA donors have helped provide the 32 children in full time care with heavy, durable lino that’s covering the dirt floor in both the girl’s and boy’s dorms, along with new ‘decker beds’, mattresses, sheets, mosquito nets, and yes, warm blankets.. all built by and purchased from local artisans and businesses in Uganda. Win, Win, Win! Yeah! Thank you!

LITA WEBSITE – The other exciting news I’d like to share is that we’re announcing our new and very improved Love Is The Answer website, today!

Please visit soon! We think you’ll find it easier to navigate. Check out Projects .. see the 5 areas we are focusing on and always raising funds for, or How You Can Help where there are numerous ways to contribute, including by donating air miles and arranging monthly donations. The Contact page has our new “general inquiry” email address – info@ – and you can (still!) enjoy IZ singing as you browse photos in our Gallery. On the blue sidebar of the Home page you’ll find ‘What’s New’ where you can always see if I have added a recent blog posting, etc.. which I’ll be doing soon, and often ( whereas these little newsletters will appear no more than 3, maybe 4 times max, per year ).

We hope you will enjoy the website, and consider helping us by inviting others to visit it, too! LITA would like to thank Colleen and Kalyn @ Connection Graphics for their inspiring ideas and wonderful work, as well as the generous donors who contributed specifically to LITA’s Admin expenses, helping us to afford this beautiful makeover on our window to the world.

Thanks always for your Lovingkindness,
your interest and support!

Be Blessed, Catherine

~ Love Is The Answer ~

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