Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

November Update


Final Countdown has begun!Our online auction ends by Nov 15th..

And then, I’m off to Uganda on the 17th!

Thank you for helping us raise awareness and funds for our orphaned children
and their new Care Center!

We’ve had such beautiful support from many donors enabling us to be right here at this moment.. 2/3 our way to reaching the 20K needed for the center! We’re still raising funds in order to reach our goals to build and furnish the Center and also for the LITA Admin budget, and we want to express our gratitude to each and every one who is participating in this project and supporting Love Is The Answer and our children! Thank you!

Our first LITA volunteer family are filled with excitement as they prepare to join me in Uganda in

mid December, and they have set lofty goals for themselves to help introduce solar power to the villages and caregiver’s homes where our orphaned children reside. This is amazing!

With virtually 100% of these homes sans electricity, consider the empowerment possibilities from replacing liquid paraffin lanterns with solar lights. Being close to the equator, the sun pretty consistently rises and sets around 6:30 in Uganda.. imagine the difference for the children to be able to do homework, read and study in the evening by bright light vs dim, smokey, yellow light.. and that’s just the start of the unlimited and rippling benefits! We have about 125 caregiver families to introduce solar to (Pic 1 – $16) and we’ll create a solar powered recharging station at the new Center as an income generating activity ( Pic 2 – $55). You can help our family reach their goal by donating on the home page of www.loveistheanswer.ca

Please assist us today, and in the weeks to come, by sharing our links and newsletters in all directions! As we progress in Uganda, I’ll be writing often on twitter, facebook, and occasionally, here, with a newsletter like this one through our new email service that can be shared easliy, subscribed to (and unsubscribed from, if anyone prefers 

And, very exciting for me to share.. in a few short weeks, we will be going live with the revised LITA website that we’re working on right now!
( Thank you Connie and Kalyn @ http://www.ConnectionGraphics.com/  You’re wonderful

Here’s the link to LITA’s online auction!
Auction close Nov 15th!


LITA is a member of Canada Helps Org!
There are 3 funds donors can contribute to! 


We can always be reached,
and donations for Projects and Admin can be made at our website!


Thanks always for your Lovingkindness,
your interest and support!

So exciting, within a few days of my arrival in Uganda on Nov 18th, I’ll be meeting with caregivers and community members in Sironko when we’ll be deciding on the next steps we’ll take to best move forward on the building of the Child Care Center for our little ones.

Our next LITA newsletter will be sent.. from Uganda!
Be Blessed, With Love, Cath xox

~ Love Is The Answer ~

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