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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Our AGM Recap and 2017/18 Annual Report


2018 AGM Recap

We hope you will enjoy some photos from our recent AGM held in Vancouver on 13 October 2018! Skyping in from Uganda was Catherine, students from Kamonkoli, and as the photos below show, a group of 15 primary students from 4 different schools who shared music, singing, dance and spoken word performances!

With our AGM growing every year, this was a fantastic event, our very best AGM yet, by far! We thank everyone who made it possible with special mention going to Peter and Citizens Pre and Primary School in Budaka, Uganda, who housed and fed the primary children over their very fun two day sojourn away from school, and the donors to our LITA Music Project and Education Funds!  Everyone’s invited to join us next year!

The 15 piece LITA Orchestra and their instruments: Ugandan harps, a LITAstick w/amp, drums, shakers, panpipes, thumb pianos, a xylophone, and a pretty special wooden frog that goes “ribbet”! With Mr. Richard from WILBRA Primary who helped care for the group, and Mr. Johnson, our LITA Uganda Treasurer and Music Teacher extraordinaire!

WILBRA and Superstar students reciting a poem titled ‘Malaria’
Singing “Welcome Our Visitors!”
Our wonderfully talented and very fun boys!
Our wonderfully talented and very fun girls!
The LITA Orchestra 2018!
Students from Superstar Primary School in Bulambuli
Students from Citizens Pre and Primary School in Budaka!
Students from Canaan Primary School in Mutufu!
Students from WILBRA Pre and Primary School in Bududa!
Thanks so very much! See you next year!

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