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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

“Pads Project” Update


It’s very exciting and the ripples reach far when we consider the power of the pads project for our teens!

It was in December that we initiated the project for a group of our orphaned girls living in home care with ACIO guardians, with a strict and short deadline to complete our goal by end January.

Virtually every week since just after Christmas, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and even more often this past week, the girls have met in Toppy’s store in Mutufu where their teacher has schooled them in the art of sewing one very specific item.. a washable, re-useable, feminine pad.

With a pad pattern that we researched and found on the internet that consists of a pad with wings, a button, ( that fold around and are secured on the under side of the gusset of knickers ) and two pockets on the upper side that you tuck in and remove a liner from, sewed on two, foot powered, sewing machines and with fabric LITA donors helped to purchase for the project, I am beyond happy to report: all the girls have successfully reached their goal in the alloted time! R-E-A-L-L-Y Outstanding, One and All!

Beginning by hand with paper, a needle, and thread, then sewing with paper using the machines, then onto scrap material, then finally cuttng and sewing layers of flannel and plastic material we purchased in Kampala, all of our girls have sewn themselves at least 3 pads each with 6 liners. Enough, that is, to head off with on Tuesday for the start of a new year in high school, along with some newly acquired self esteem, confidence, and the solid beginnings of a valuable skill, all tucked safely into their personal belongings!

Deep and heartfelt thanks go to LITA donors and to the two teachers the girls have had along the way.. Julianna.. and Jennifer, who stepped in when Julianna lost her 3’rd family member in as many weeks and was unable to continue at this time. Our Love to you, and your family, Julianna. Be Blessed.

And to our girls.. I am so so so happy and proud for you all! You’ve worked hard and steadfast these weeks.. you’ve fit our sewing classes inbetween your many, many chores as teen girls at home. You’ve tried, you’ve listened, you’ve shared during some pretty special heart to hearts in our little circle, you’ve practised, you’ve kept trying, and you’ve succeeded.. you have created absolutely THE most fantastic looking pads and liners ever!

May you all enjoy and benefit from the fruits of your labor long into the future as we look forward to hearing a critique from you on your “pads in action” much sooner! I can’t wait to see you in one week’s time when we take up to meeting from now on for some hours every Saturday afternoon!

What’s next on our teens sewing circle’s agenda?? .. well, we’re thinking an income generating activity.. “Pad Kits” that will include a few pads, several liners and a couple pairs of knickers..

.. and then, how about another set of clothes for all our kids who stay at the center..

.. and what about school uniforms for all the children who attend school at the ACIO Child Care Center..

.. whoot whoot!!! There are very exciting and unlimited creative times ahead..!

With Love, Cath xox

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