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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Part 1 – Temptation, Tangles, And The Trouble With Transport!


~ Love and Blessings Everyone ~

All the pictures in this posting are of our happy little Beloveds at the center, taken during a recent pretty full on domestic kind of Sunday..

On “Temptation”..

Coming from such a diverse and multi cultural area as Vancouver, Canada, I find it’s so beautiful and freeing to know that feeling of being on public transport or walking down the street back home and just blending in, naturally, unobtrusively, being part of a beautiful mosaic with a mryiad of various other shades of human color in it.. simply some one, an other one.. among a bunch going places, doing things.. all good, no big deal.

Here in Uganda, I, and all other “white ones” are often seen from blocks away, pointed at, called out to, gathered around, which, ok, “visitors” usually find amusing for a few days when they arrive.. but weeks of negotiating “life as defined by color” is an interesting and almost reverse lesson in minority living. Whites are commonly held in some high place here, except, or perhaps including ( also in a reverse sort of way ) when it comes to the purchase of goods and services! Dodging attempts at almost every turn to avoid being charged 2 or 3 times more than locals can involve heroic athleticism and yes, be a tad tiring.. and now, add to those daily circumstances a new lesson I’ve just learned up close and personal, too..

As it happened, last week I was among a couple light skinned types who were intentionally targetted by local thieves. I was with others who were staying at a great base camp for people heading off to climb Mt.Elgon ( or in my case, using the location of the establishment as a convenient place to sleep so as not to have to travel every day the couple hour drive from Mbale to the children at the center in Mutufu, Sironko… ).

My belongings all gone through, all of my cash and 2 donated cameras taken, I felt pained by the intrusion into my personal space and possessions.. and I found myself even bemoaning the fact that, despite being simple in my dress and with virtually zero adornments to my person, I still represent temptation to some, solely because of color.

While we were all very grateful that no one was hurt, the residual energies left behind by the robbers were not easy to be in, it was shocking and sad to have connected with a premeditated intention to harm.

I’ve run across it before in this life, even once or twice from people close to me, but it’s been quite a long while since I’ve felt that cold hard smack, and quite honestly, like before, it was stunning. Did I want to remember that particular energetic again, maybe with deeper Love, understanding and compassion this time, or perhaps, was I dwelling so on sidestepping it elsewhere, I brought it right to myself when I least expected it.. I’m not really sure.

But I do know, Love and Light being always present and all ways powerful.. exactly right at the moment when the situation was hitting me the hardest, there appeared before me with arms outstretched, a solid, strong, tall, young Irish med student who stood in for all the caring and gentle men, women and children in my life by hugging me firmly through my tears. A compassionate Doctor you are dear friend – you most certainly helped me to feel better immediately – and, most kind, and generous, too.

Police reports, statements and insurance claims are done.. onward.

My visit to the police department to file my report wasn’t my first one here, you know! Why just the week before, Eilis and I had been to see the man in charge at Sironko police department and even today, I’ve just come from visit with a magistrate..

Part 2 ~ On “Tangles”.. coming soon.

Loving You, Loving our little ones, feeling so grateful to be here with them, C xox

Ps… Heading to Mutufu tomorrow with Juliet (ana 🙂 , the girl’s sewing teacher.. heh, the girls are all working on sewing their first pads these days.. AND, we’ve got a medical team coming to do HIV testing on all the children in care and provide de-worming medicine to them, too.. plus I’m going to re-take photos of all the children with their beautiful butterflies.. photos that were on the memory card of one of the cameras that were taken.. I’m feeling happy for the opportunity to revisit the butterflies that the children made during a special I AM workshop we did last week on “Change and Transformation” and to be able to show you some of our little darlings with their own personal masterpiece ~ Love ~

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