Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Since 2007,  LITA programs have brought empowerment to thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda, in at least one of the following ways. By providing assistance in areas of food, shelter, health care & safety, education and income generation:
  • Firstly, in emergency circumstances, with strategic and short term financial support for goods and services that foster the children’s immediate survival and well being, and..
  • Secondly, by providing mentoring, organizational, and financial support for projects and programs designed to bring long term benefit to the children. The projects LITA supports are locally directed, promote stakeholder participation, investment and ownership, and advance conditions and environments towards sustainable self-sufficiency.


Food Program

Providing emergency food in times of shortfall, through programs like Heifers for Caregivers, and by supporting the growing of food by helping with plowing costs, seeds and tools, caregivers and the orphaned children living with them are empowered. Find Out More

Shelter Program

Through our Bricks and Beds project, LITA donors provide support for improved infrastructure to local community based organizations who welcome orphaned children requiring full time live-in care (boarding), in order to attend school regularly. Find Out More

Health Care & Safety Program

Through LITA’s Mosquito Net Project, access to diagnosis and treatment for malaria, typhoid, HIV and other illnesses, as well as our Solar Power and Pads for Girls Projects, LITA donors provide empowering health care and safety support to orphaned and vulnerable children and their caregivers. Find Out More

Education Program

Beyond food, shelter and health care, ‘Education is Life’ for orphaned children. LITA donors provide support for school fees, supplies and requirements, and help communities by building schools and educational facilities. LITA has also introduced a creative and fun music project for the children! Find Out More

Income Generation Program

Projects that can help to produce income for orphaned children and caregivers include: poultry, piggery, rabbits, heifers, growing/selling cash crops, etc. Training, start up materials, capital and micro finance/savings opportunities are ways LITA donors assist.  Find Out More
If you would like more information about the percentage of donor contributions allocated to each LITA program, year by year since registration, Annual Reports are found here!

Current Programs

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