Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

LITA Music Project

Nine smiling faces, nine handmade instruments completed!

Building confidence and skills to brighten the future of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda ~ In 2016, LITA Board Member, Judy, traveled with her partner, Bern to Uganda and introduced a 3-stringed dulcimer making/playing project to orphaned and vulnerable children at two child care centres/schools. Enjoy reading more about the workshop here!

Giving the children the tools, materials and teaching to build and play a 3-stringed dulcimer, your support for this project helps to build: skills, creativity, confidence, sustainability, artistic expression, brain development and increased capacity to learn!
Pictured here with ‘Uncle Bern, Auntie Judy’ and music teacher ‘Mr. Johnson’ are ACIO children with their certificates after successfully completing their dulcimers! Congratulations one and all! Very well done!
$25 supports the making of one dulcimer.
$2000 supports music instruction at one primary school for one year.
Please contribute to LITA Music Project here:
Impassioned by the music project and lacking an instrument to play while at Grandmum’s over the holidays, one of the students at ACIO made his own dulcimer, from materials found in the village, including plastic strings from an old discarded mosquito net! So inspiring.. and wow, it sounds so awesome too!

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