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Messages from Vincent ~ ACIO Director

UPDATE JUNE 2010 ~ I have recently received from Vincent the following pages of information confirming money grams sent to him for ACIO Child Care Center. In this report, Vincent details the allocation of all funds received in 2009 and to date in 2010. Great work Vincent! Thank you for such a thorough report.
NB – All funds/expenses in Vincent’s report are quoted in Ugandan shillings. And of course the exchange rate has varied over time. My records show the Canadian dollar value of all the money grams sent to Uganda for ACIO Child Care Center during the time frame noted total $8,777 or as Vincent shows 12,605,750 UGX.

NOVEMBER 5, 2009

The Principal and Staff
Vancouver College


Dear friends,


On behalf of ACIO management committee, ACIO children and on my own behalf, I extend our thanks to Vancouver College for the great support they offered to ACIO project. Thank you for providing us a motorcycle which has caused great improvement on transportation issues. This motorcycle has solved a very big problem of transport. All the past years I have been using a bicycle as means of transport and yet the geographical features of Sironko are mountainous. Most of ACIO beneficiaries are in the hills where bicycles cannot reach. This motorcycle is great value because I am now able to reach in these mountainous areas.

The Day Care and the library are in place. Children are enjoying reading books in the library room.

Thank you for assisting us in these developments. In Uganda most of the children in rural schools perform poorly in academics due to poor reading culture.

ACIO library is of great importance to the children at the centre and the community around.

On every week end days ( ie ) Saturday we conduct studies with the children around in communities. This has helped children to develop good reading culture because they are able to access reading materials.

Desks in the Day care are not enough so at times some children sit on dusty floor. Catherine and other friends did good joy in providing mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets etc. Children have really appreciated because they see change in their lives. Except of a challenge of beds.

We are looking forward to initiating an income generating activity ( IGA ) of poultry keeping. This will generate funds to meet the needs of children ( ie ) feeding, clothing, medical care etc.

Any support toward this IGA will be highly appreciated.

Take our greetngs to all children in Vancouver College and tell them we really love them.

We pray that ACIO and Vancouver relationships keep on strengthening.

Blessings to all,

Namisi Vincent


( Report Received Nov 7, 2009 )

P.O. BOX 78,



Message From The Executive Director

This is ACIO Developmental Report for 2008/2009. This is the best testimonial that ACIO can use to show that it is alive and well growing stronger everyday.

The ACIO family comprises of Board of Trustees, Care Givers, Volunteers, Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Development Partners ( Love is the Answer ) Canada. Who have worked hard to see that ACIO progresses to this level.

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children we serve today lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS scourge.

ACIO takes special efforts to continue advocating for the rights of Orphans and Vulnerable Children to access support in education and their well being.

ACIO also creates awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic which has resulted in increased number of Orphans in the Country.

In October 2007, we were privileged to host Catherine Koch from Canada Vancouver who paid a special visit to ACIO Orphanage Center.

Catherine has greatly contributed much in the development of the Organisation as you will obeserve in this developmental report.

* ACIO is a Community Initiative hence the vision of supporting and caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children came from Community Members who saw the challenges Children face in Communities.

* I thank all Members who have contributed generously towards these developments.

* I extend our thanks to children in Vancouver Colege and their teachers for the support they offered to ACIO Child Care Orphanage Center.

* I also thank the families in Vancouver – Canada for the love they have demonstrated to Ugandan Children.

Vincent Namisi
Executive Director



The Acio Developmental Report under the Action Plan 2008/2009 has detailed activities undertaken during 2008-2009 and highlights some of the challenges encountered, successes scored and lessons learnt.

Since this was the first year of new strategic period, it was very busy indeed with a lot of activites happening simultaneously.

ACIO core activities remain; provision of care and support services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

We also provide counseling services to the affected and infected families hence caregivers are given skills and knowledge on HIV/AIDS home based management.

As we have been carrying out community activities we realized many Orphaned Children in the District. We have identified about 430 Orphans who we collected and filled in the administrative file. Out of these, 60 children were selected to be at the center where they have been provided with shelter and other basic needs. ACIO has been working together with the community in raising support for these Children more especially feeding. Love is the Answer provided scholastic materials, mattresses, uniforms, day care furnitire and library equipment for the smooth running of the center.

ACIO was pleased to be associated with efforts to improve the well being of orphans and Vulnerable children throught the resources allocated to them by Love is the Answer Canada.

ACIO acknowledges and appreciates all the efforts given by members, staff, friends and partners.



ACIO has 10 Staff Volunteers

1. Namisi Vincent   – Executive Director   – Diploma in Education

2. Gidongo David   – Coordinator   – Certificate in Engineering ( Retired )

3. Neumbe Topister   – Counselor / Teacher   – Diploma in Education

4. Wogabaga William   – Teacher   – “O” Level Certificate

5. Nambafu Constance   – Teacher   – “O” Level Certificate

6. Nabugwere Scovia   – Teacher   – Nursery Teacher

7. Woniale Alex   – Teacher   – “O”Level Certificate

8. Allen Mugonyi   – Cook   – Experience

9. Mateba Apolinali   – Patron   – “O” Level Certificate

10. Kudoyi Judith   – Typist   – Diploma in Stenography

Staff by Gender

Male – 5
Female – 5

Children Happy in School Uniform
Teachers / Children Happy in School Uniform
Children Enjoying Soft Beddings

ACIO Members and Children Entertaining Catherine Koch in 2007


* Some of the challenges with regard to child support programmes include dealings with the visible pains of needy orphans who are homeless and child headed families.

* Because of inadequate resources we can not afford to provide enough support to them.

* Child Care Center is in semi permanent structures hence the conditions need great improvement.

* Most of the Children sleep on the floor. They have no beds and the mattresses and blankets they have are not enough.

* The project has a vision for the School to equip these children with skills and knowledge but we have limited resources to construct one.


In conclusion ACIO continues to provide all the necessary supprt to Orphans and Vulnerable Children. We continue calling upon members national and international to come on board and support this Vision financially for the betterment of these needy children.

ACIO is indeed grateful for all the support it received from friends, members and Development Partners for the continued solidarity in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Uganda.


June 26, 2009 ~ ACIO’s Certificate as a registered Non Governmental Organizaton in Uganda. 


April 30th, 2009



Dear Principal,


On behalf of ACIO orphans and on my own behalf, we acknowledge the support given to ACIO children. We thank the Vancouver College students for the great love and caring heart they have shown to their fellow children in Uganda.

The donation helped ACIO children in buying mattreses, blankets and mosquito treated nets. Children are sleeping comfortably and they have joy in their lives.

We extend our thanks to “Love is the answer” Mammy Catherine Koch who linked ACIO orphanage center with Vancouver college.

In Uganda reading and writing is a challenge to the young children but I believe that this partnership of ACIO and Vancouver will help us to over come these challenges.

We shall share educational experiences of Canada with those of Uganda.

We encourage our partnership to continue so that one day Vancouver students will have exchange visit with those in Uganda.

Uganda is mountainous country which has many rivers, lakes and falls. ACIO is found in the slopes of Mt. Elgon. We are on the way to Mr. Elgon and Sipi falls which have got interesting sceneries.

Wishing you best regards and hoping to hear from you soon,

Yours faithfully,


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