In addition to the Love you have sent this way through your uplifting thoughts and prayers, there are some who have joined me by contributing money. Combining our funds together, so far on this journey we have:

1) Enrolled in a one year ‘Diamond’ membership with the local NGO I have been volunteering with here in Uganda while I get my feet on the ground. Total support to date: $40CDN, Mbale, Uganda location.

2) Contributed for materials and supplies to the ‘Skills Developme nt’ class at the NGO. Total support to date: $140CDN Mbale, Uganda location.

3) Established an inventory of 100 mosquito nets at the NGO to help prevent malaria in child clients ( or children of clients ) under 5 years of age. When counselors learn that an ‘orphan and/or vulnerable’ child is in need of a net their caregiver will be supplied with one for the child. The center currently provides support services for approximately 192 families with orphan and/or vulnerable children. Total support to date: $560CDN, Mbale, Uganda location.

4) Contributed to the ‘Drama Group’ at the NGO in memory of my Mother ‘June’. Total support to date: $125CDN Mbale, Uganda location.

Further to this, my family and I are currently working on shipping some of Mom’s music books from Canada for contribution to a music library for use by the Drama group at the Mbale location…

( NB…Every NGO center sponsors a volunteer ‘Drama Group’ comprised of ‘positive’ adult clients. The group promotes fellowship and living positively with HIV to its members while together they offer education and example to the public on all issues surrounding HIV/AIDS through presentations of traditional and western song, dance, drama, testimony, etc

5) Contributed to the ‘Aids Challenge Youth Club’ at the NGO in memory of my Father ‘Tom’, Total support to date: $125CDN Mbale, Uganda location.

(NB…Every NGO center organizes and supports youth clubs in local schools for boys and girls in their ‘senior years’ ( high school). The youth come together to sensitize peers on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS through drama and song with strong focus on awareness, prevention and responsibility and to provide volunteer support in their communities to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

6) Paid tuition, accommodation and meal expenses for the 2’nd half of this semester ( ending Dec ‘07) for 2 students attending University. Total support to date: $850CDN, Kampala, Uganda.

7) Supplied 8 foamies, 16 sheets, 14 blankets and 8 mosquito nets to the ACIO Sironko Orphanage as well as school supplies and personal items for the14 children who are in full time care at the orphanage. Total support to date: $447CDN, Sironko, Uganda.

The children, youth, students, clients, caregivers, counselors, directors and administrators extend their congratulations and heartfelt thanks to you for sharing your Love and uplifting many with your intention and kindness!

Heartfelt thanks! Many Blessings and Love Love Love to you!

Cath xoxo

Catherine Koch
Vancouver, BC Canada