Please accept my most heartfelt thanks for helping to bring about all of the positive changes noted here and on this entire ‘Project’s’ page throughout my journey. Whatever form your contribution has been, be it your interest, your encouragement, compassion, your prayers, uplifting thoughts and/or financial support … however you have given of yourself to these children it has added very valuable energy to a ripple of Love that I know, and hope you do too, will be felt in countless ways through out their entire lives.

That we care, that we told them and showed them they are not alone, they are special and so Loved… this is the stuff ‘beyond’ Miracles for these children and we wish you to know that your involvement will be forever treasured by them and me. With so much Gratitude and Love they are praying for us all!

Blessings One and All!
In Love,
Catherine ~ June 2008


November 2008 ~ Here is a message I received recently from a friend in Uganda who has checked in on Betty’s and Gideon’s families…

I am so very grateful to be able to share that Peter writes:

“every things seems to be well. betty has progre ssed with the sewing machine. according to her she gets between 3000 to 5000 per monday which is a market day. she also supporta others at home.  she has bought some 5 piees of cloth the commonly referred to as kitenge.”

( FYI – at this moment, 1000 Ugandan shillings = about .70 cents Canadian. So 3000 to 5000 income = $2.10 to $3.50 CAD. On average, when I first met Betty she used to earn around 500 shillings on market day ( .35 cents ) trying to sell water, so this is a huge increase in income for her and the boys she is supporting… Cath )

“Stella, the child is always being taken to cure hospital and the next visit is on 03/03/2009 and the previous visit was 17th/09/2008.”

( FYI – Stella was born with hydrocephalus and is being treated at the wonderful, donor funded “Cure Hospital” in Mbale, Uganda … Cath )

“The family has 2 sacks of dried Gnuts and there plantations of cassave and potatos are doing well. they harvested some maize and it is what they have been feeding on.

( FYI – When I first met Betty and her family, they had no food growing on their land, had no food stored and often did not eat for 2-3 days… so we helped the children to plow and plant and this is the food they are still eating, storing and continuing to grow today… more details are in the archived project pages for 2008 … Cath )

GIDEON. sat for his S(enior).4 and says the papers/ezam was fair and hopes to continue with his ambition of agriculture/vet at advanced level. they have finished the new home and he is about to start using it this holiday.’