Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Shelter Program

BRICKS and BEDS Project

Bricks and Beds Project was born out of need we saw to contribute to circumstances for orphaned children to be able to attend school full time. Often hit and miss when it comes to consistent attendance, start-up support from LITA to local community based schools for the building of dormitory housing can help to provide safe, secure housing for orphaned and vulnerable children, increasing their chances and opportunity to be in the classroom every day during the school year, without increasing the costs for their caregivers and guardians. More info here!

Dormitory housing for 80 orphaned and vulnerable children at WILBRA Primary School in Bududa, Uganda, completed in 2016.

Autumn 2016 – We’ve recently completed the building of two dormitories, two latrines, and a cooking/food storage facility that will help a community based organization (CBO) provide housing for 80 orphaned and vulnerable children throughout the school year.

As donated funds allow, we plan to continue to support WILBRA by building a 10 classroom pre and primary school to replace the current temporary mud/stick structures and rented facilities they are using to provide education for the 500+ students currently enrolled.

<p “>Thank you for supporting our Shelter Program for the children. Please contribute here!

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