Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

‘Projects’ Update


This past while one of the things I’ve been working on is an update for the ‘Projects’ page here on the website and today I’m happy to say Erynn has posted it for us. Thanks Erynn! If you click on ‘Projects’ above you can read about some of our actions taken and accomplishments achieved since my arrival in Uganda, as well as learn about inspirations we are now focusing on.

It seems like a good time to bring new and current information about ideas and projects going on here to people’s attention back home. I know in the west the ‘Holiday Season’ is fast approaching. Of course meaning different things to different people, for many it can be a time when the Light of Love and the Spirit of Giving and Gratitude can be present. Knowing there are some who want to expand their giving this year by remembering people I have shared about with you here, I invite you to check out the ‘Projects’ page to receive some ideas that may help you decide on how to proceed. Please know that I will happily help you fulfill any inspirations you have to give a hand up to someone here…now and during any season of the year!

I have written before about a deep need and desire for transformation concerning traditional charity and aid here in Uganda and I’m guessing, other countries in Africa. I have briefly mentioned how it appears that a metamorphosis is occurring in what I have called ‘supply and demand’ aid in an earlier blog posting titled ‘A Conversation’.

I’m inspired these days to notice a little trend developing (around me at any rate!) that involves young locals, usually in their 20’s. You know when you find yourself in different contexts having the same conversation with others over and over…well, we are connecting about ideas and concepts concerning what I seem to be calling ‘community based holistic child care centers’ (…bucking the trend here, I’m resisting the urge to establish an acronym just yet…!) Many of these young adults clearly see the need within their villages for local, community based grass roots organizations to form and develop with the intention to help the large number of orphan children and to address the huge concerns and pressures grandmothers and single mothers are presently striving to balance while caring for the children. Many I am meeting are discovering they could play a vital role in bringing solutions into creation!

HIV/AIDS has now been present here in Uganda for over 20 years and has resulted in tremendous growth in the number of orphans during that time. The young adults I am connecting with these days have grown up in similar environments we find very common right now and they are quick to say ‘against the odds they somehow made it’ to where they are today! (…to which lately, I hear myself replying something like…’In the Spirit of Perfect and Divine Order, you, having lived first hand in circumstances similar to many orphan children of today, know exactly what it was like for you, are probably very aware of the growing numbers and current situations for many, likely know what is needed now and ultimately, perhaps with direction, organization and help, may be perfectly poised to help raise the situation up…’)…and then I see them smile!

Those who are crossing my path lately are educated, employed (even if not in their specific field) and supporting themselves. In our conversations they are showing bright inspiration and eagerness to join/lead in taking action based in Love and integrity to uplift circumstances for others, to discover ideas and methods from within that can address the orphan children / single mother / grandmother issues and guide them and their communities forward onto self-sustainability, self determination etc…it’s like they’ve been waiting for the moment… similar perhaps to how I feel about being here right now…it’s exciting and extremely creative! I sense there are wonderfully uplifting times coming into sight on the horizon!

Remember to check out the updated ‘Projects’ page…and…
do you occasionally turn up your volume and listen to ‘IZ’ singing when you visit the site…? ‘…What A Wonderful World’!
Loving you,

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