Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Rising In Love


Love Love Love to you!

These days, time for me seems to be standing still and flying by all in the same moment! People say there is this thing called ‘African time’ and I guess I am right in it now…I know it’s been awhile since I posted here so I write a brief note today to check in and to say ALL is very well!

Betty is happy and doing great in her tailoring class, navigating her way well to the teacher’s place and back home each morning and evening by way of the family bike! She has recently completed her first child’s dress, sewn out of paper.

Joy finds this family…big brother Moses has returned to be with his siblings at the compound and together with Morning and Peter

we prepare this week for their return to school next Monday.

Backpacks, school supplies, shoes, uniforms… every one and every thing is pretty much all ready to go! They are all sleeping on foams with blankets and mosquito nets to protect them, four fields surrounding their compound are being plowed this week to prepare for planting when the rains begin (maybe within a couple weeks or so), Rose continues to help little Stella (who’s cough has healed) each day to learn to walk…

In almost exactly the same manner, Gideon, Naume and Martha prepare for returning to school.

Gideon is presently away visitng an Auntie who is sick in hospital and Naume recovers right now from malaria that we were Blessed to discover and treat quickly…I check in at the NGO a few times each week and become involved with what is going on there, we plan to visit the other 2 child families I met some months ago to begin work with them, I continue to discover and develop info for others about community empowerment and have been invited to give 2 workshops on the topic…it’s ALL good, everything moves forward in a Lovely way at a pace that is Perfectly Peaceful!

Priorities define themselves with clarity and I will likely be posting the update for the ‘Project’s page’ on this site within another few days.

As for me, I am happy, feeling ‘on purpose’ and in exactly the ‘right place’, filled with gratitude to be ‘here’. Many times I still find myself in awe of this remarkable gift in my life. Renewing and refreshing awakenings occur in me, I refine and expand, I Lighten, my dearest and longest held dreams and visions, some I had even managed to ‘forget’ were resting deep inside, stir within my soul now and birth themselves gently into my reality…

It’s all beautifully simple and wonderfully inspiring. I am Rising In Love, sharing Love in ways I have only dreamed and imagined may be possible until now. I Love… who I am, who I am with, where I am, what I am doing… I Love. Everything and Everyone… including you!

Thank You Creator…

In Peace, Joy and Love
Catherine xoxo

Ps…A couple days ago when visiting at Betty’s we used my camera to make a short video of the family singing a song outside in the compound…afterwards we all went in to the darkened hut to download and watch the performance on my laptop. It was soooooo much fun to see the eyes of these children grow 10 times in size and to hear the sounds of their laughter fill the space…oh yes, Morning’s delightful giggle too!!! The world is opening up in a whole new way for this family…and for me too

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