Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

~ Spring 2011 ~


I received a beautiful card this morning from the sweetest of friends whom I treasure deeply, a woman who supports the children and me in the most Loving and kind ways, a woman whom I’ve never officially met but have Spirit and twitter to thank for knowing.. (twitter.. which by the way, has also introduced me to several other amazing and most sparkly beautiful souls 

It’s an e-card.. a beautiful magnolia tree, budding, more buds, and more, and then a close up, the outer casing of one of the buds opens, a pink and white magnolia blossoms, petal by petal, then another blooms, and another, delicate, gentle, beautiful.. ending with the salutation “Happy Spring.. I Love You” .

I cried, it is so beautiful, and I do feel so Loved. And besides being for Spring, the timing and synchronicity of my sweet friend, of the card, of life, is so perfect and as always, so filled with awe and wonder for me..

You may recall my last posting here titled “On Magnolias and “Becoming a Charity””..

Well, we’ve heard, as of last week, that “Love Is The Answer” has been approved for “Charity Status” with Revenue Canada, pending submission of our amended Constitution to reflect a few changes that the Agency recommends.. so, this past Friday our little LITA Board met in the lobby of a office tower in downtown Vancouver, rode up to the 19th floor and gathered in the corner office with the spectacular view of our wonderful and most generous notary, Elaine Lu – who donates her services to LITA – to notarize the changes.. and by Friday evening those changes were already faxed to Ottawa to be received today by our amazingly kind and helpful agent there, who will now complete our registration process in these next days.

Just before meeting up with my sister Board members on Friday, I was out for lunch with two other special friends at a favorite veggie/vegan spot on 4th Ave in Vancouver called “The Naam”.. We were shown to our seats and there just a few feet directly in front of me was a painting hanging on the wall, one of several that were featured around the restaurant by a Canadian painter named Saul L. Miller.. kind of a funny “slice of Canadiana” painting, hung in a hockey stick frame, with a Habs (Montreal Canadians) player looking out at me from it.. the crowd blurred behind him while he stands on the ice, roughed up with a bit of a black eye and some scrapes.. and a little word bubble coming from his mouth that says “Love Is The Answer”.. we could only laugh, and marvel, once again, at the ever flowing and often most comical magic of it all!

Happy Spring Everyone ~ Enjoy the Beautiful Magnolias ~ Love Is The Answer ~

And thank you Sweet Crystal for the most exquisite flowering moment ~

In Love, Cath xoxo

(Thank you to the unknown artist who took this beautiful picture.. found on google images)

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