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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

The Building of ACIO Dorms – Part Two


It’s been several weeks since I’ve shared about the dorms we are building with ACIO in Sironko, Uganda for 40 orphaned children. Thank you so much for your patience. While moving forward on the project has often been slow during the holiday season and at times made more complicated by problems the engineer has been having with another project, it is with delight and gratitude that we share these next series of photos with you! We hope you will enjoy, as we give thanks for all the help we are receiving that is making this possible for the children!

Once the foundation perimeter was completed (please see Part One for photos to that point..) the floor area of the dorms/office/library was dug out and the soil used to back fill around the “wall trenches”.
Super fun and exciting for the girls to be “standing inside their dorm”!
After the interior floor was leveled, hard core – very large rocks – were placed on top of the dirt floor.
Ferried one at a time by hand, the rocks were arranged carefully side by side and soon filled the entire floor space.

A wooden frame was added all the way around the building at floor level. After hard core lined the floor, sand was pounded over, filling in all the gaps. In this photo the rains came and banana leaves were used to keep the sand as dry as possible.
The floor was then ready for a layer of special “moisture barrier” plastic, followed by wire, covered by aggregates ( gravel ) mixed with cement.
The floor was now ready to be poured with the aggregate/cement mixture.
Working from one end of the building to the other, wheel barrow loads full of mixed aggregate and cement covered over the hardcore, sand, plastic and wire..
The poured floor was then left to dry for a few days.
The wooden frame around the poured floor was removed and work began on the brick walls. The walls will be “plastered” and sealed with a finishing layer of concrete later.
Standing in the girl’s dorm, the building’s walls start to take shape as we look at the walls of the office/library area in the foreground, and in the distance, the boy’s dorm.
While walls continue to grow around us, Vincent and I celebrate the progress, standing inside the boy’s dorm!
Adding my two bricks worth..
And Vincent adding his..
Silver, the oldest boy at ACIO has been earning some income working alongside the men as a “porter”. He stands here in front of “my bricks” looking like he just might approve of my masonry skills..
A great moment.. bricks all the way around to the height of the bottom of the windows..
With corners being worked on first, once the walls reached a height requiring it, scaffolding was put around the building.. and work on the walls continued higher and higher..
The next milestone was reaching what is known as “the ring beam level”.. to the top of the doors and windows..
And here’s where we are at this moment.. next comes the part from the ring beam level to the roof line and then.. the roof!
A group of ACIO boys celebrate outside the back wall of the dorms, while I’m told the girls have been dancing “inside” their walls!

As we have achieved a healthy momentum this past 10 days or so, we hope to continue on at this pace and are looking forward to seeing completion up to the roof line by this weekend. If all goes well.. we’ll move onto wooden roof trusses and iron sheets by next week!

Much Love to all, thanks for your involvement with us here.. we’re ever grateful for your interest and support, your prayers and most beautiful Love.

Be Blessed, Cath xox

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