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Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

The Cows Are Coming Home!


ACIO “Heifer Milk Cow” Project for Caregivers Update

Picture 25 caregivers, dozens of orphans, 5 heifers, and a cell phone, in a field in rural Uganda.. it is all so humbling and crazy inspiring, and here in Canada I just cry with joy while they sing gratitude and Love over the phone to me..

They are “so happy to have arrived at this day” in their lives..

“A tremendous change is upon” them..

“Thankful for the opportunity” they will..

“Do their best” with it!

And Loving thanks travels the miles to all who have

“helped them with the chance to feed the children milk”..

And right as we’re saying goodbye a heifer lets out a great big “mooooo!”

It is all amazing to me, and, I too, am beyond grateful ~ Love ~

We have 7 more heifers to go in this first phase, then another 13 for phase 2 ( and we already have funding for 8 of those 13, so really, only 5 more to go! 🙂 .. and then, 127 caregivers and the 400 or so children in their care will be benefitting!

… All of the above took place in Uganda on Saturday (yesterday), my Friday evening.. so when I awoke this morning after dreaming of them all through the night I just had to call Vincent again to see how the entire day had gone!

He was so happy to tell me they have secured the additional 7 heifers needed for phase 1 of the project, and he’ll be giving them out on Sunday (tomorrow), my Saturday evening.

So, at 1am my time! it is planned that I’ll be calling the next group of caregivers receiving their heifers! Such an honor and privilege, I’m looking so forward to sharing here about it and posting pictures when Vincent sends them on Monday!

Thank you to all who have so generously supported this project ~ Love ~

Blessings, Cath

If you’d like to participate in +/or learn more about this project, please click right here!

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