Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

The Language Of Love


This is a fun day, isn’t it, this 09 09 09 day! I’m not really sure what it means and actually, in my way of thinking, it’s an 11 day – but heh, I’m in when it’s about Peace, Love and Unity so… here’s what I’m thinking about today…

Long I have contemplated the words most often seen and heard globally when discussing situations surrounding orphaned children, poverty, HIV/AIDS and other diseases ( and lots of other topics for that matter ). Words found at the heart of conversations, whether in small villages or classrooms in Africa, on the internet, in brochures, articles and advertisements created by NGO’s in the West, or in newspaper headlines and magazines world wide, etc… You probably know the words, the ones that have somehow been adopted by most – the catchy phrases that have become the foundation informing the collective expression surrounding the various concerns – “the —– against poverty”, “the ——- of AIDS”, “the — on malaria”, “the ——— children”.

I always notice these words immediately, probably because I find them much less than empowering and uplifting to me personally, and then, because I feel very responsible to consciously do my best to choose the most positive words I can muster at any given time – words that are consistent with the message I feel called to share about and on behalf of the children – words in alignment with what I like to call “The Language Of Love”.

In the past I’ve often wondered how to write about this topic and these words without actually using them – what I AM inspired to say today, is this …

We can discuss, address and promote every care and concern in our hearts in uplifting ways, by owning response ability for the language we use to do so. Knowing as we do that our thoughts are things, and words are very powerful concise energies that we create with and send out into the world, we can make great use of both to uplift and promote all life everywhere.

For example – concerning the children and the topics I have described above, when we think, write and speak about them we can choose words like abundance, health, nourishment, treatment, safety, well being, sustainability, empowerment, peace, joy, Love… in place of the words that to date have most commonly filled in the blanks I have left.

Collectively, today and everyday forward, we can let go the habit of unconsciously reinforcing the condition we say we want to change, by consciously focusing on and expressing what it is we do want to generate, what it is we are actually intending…

We can express ourselves creatively to this beginning and we can introduce words and ways that are wrapped in the Language of Love! And… we can gently, Lovingly suggest that others try to do so too, mostly I guess, by our heartfelt, mindful example.

Happy Day! I’m inspired to head out and have my new passport photo taken! Love must be planning a journey for me soon…! Heehee!

In Love,


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