Empowering HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Africa to a self sustainable future

Catherine Koch

Catherine Koch

Founder and President of Love Is The Answer, a Canadian registered charity serving orphaned children in Africa.

Three Mooo-ore Cows Are Coming Home!


Hey, what are you doing tonight, well, tomorrow morning at 1:30am actually..? Sure wish you could be with me when I call Uganda to speak with caregivers as they are presented with their heifers as part of the “Heifers For Caregivers Project” we are sponsoring.

At 11:30am Ugandan time, 3 groups of caregivers (each group is made up of 5 caregivers) and the orphaned children who live with them will be gathering in a field to receive their heifers. Each group has organized themselves into a little cooperative, built a heifer pen, saved the 25% stakeholder contribution towards the cost of their heifer (that’s around $100 per group, or $20 per member.. and, some of these caregivers are among those who live on $1-$2 per day and have been saving many months to achieve this), is growing the grass feed and has plenty harvested on hand already.. all, so very exciting!

Last January when we first launched this project and the initial 12 heifers were being presented, I called, as I will again tonight, to congratulate the caregivers and children at this very empowering and inspiring moment in their lives! There I stood, during the wee dark quiet hours of the night,me, with the Angels around me and my Mom and Dad from Spirit watching over too, in the kitchen of my friend where I was housesitting, listening through the phone to the caregivers and children sing with all of their beautiful Hearts a song of thanks and gratitude, from the field in Uganda, all the way across the many miles.. tears, of course, streammmmming down my face. I wish you were there then, and tonight too, to be with me, with us, in all the Love being shared.

At this point, we’re at 15 heifers delivered.. so that means, future potential empowerment (once the heifers are of breeding age) in the form of milk for nutrition and income from sales of excess milk, for approximately 75 caregivers and the 300 or so orphaned children in their care!

I can further report that of the first 12, 11 are well, growing (pictures will be arriving soon, I’m told) and 1, our first, is expecting!!! 1 heifer has died of “heifer flu”.. and presently we are working with that group of caregivers, who were so upset at their loss, to come up with a new arrangement for another go at heifer keeping. Perhaps they shall come with a larger stakeholder contribution for the 2’nd go round, we shall see what they propose as fair and doable from their perspective and then help accordingly.

Thanks to all for help, it’s because of financial help from donors that all this is possible! Always grateful..

Mooo-cho Love, Cath ♡♡♡

Would you like to participate in our heifer project.. we still need to raise funds for 6 more @ $300 each.. here’s a link to the page on the website for more info..

( I know, I know, the link below says “poultry project”.. just another example of my wizardry (or is it lack there of 🙂 when it comes to most things techie! My kingdom for a connection with someone who’d really like to volunteer their services to help get the website happening better.. I know you’re out there! 🙂

xox C

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